Submission Guidelines:

Important Note: Every submission to CopSeek Ultimate Police Directory whether free or paid is reviewed prior to going live in the Directory. All such submissions must meet the following guidelines.

General: reserves the right to decide if, where and how a site or listing is entered into the directory. This includes the right to list any submission in any category or subcategory as CopSeek deems appropriate. CopSeek reserves the right not to include any specific keywords in the title or description of the listing. CopSeek also reserves the right, at it's sole discretion, to remove your listing or account from the Directory, move it to a different category or subcategory and modify or remove any keywords at any time, for any reason.

Sites Accepted:

CopSeek Ultimate Police Directory is unique in that it is exclusively police and law enforcement focused. As such ALL submissions whether they be free or paid must be police or law enforcement related. Commercial sites must provide a product or service where police and law enforcement are the main consumers of their products or services. The only exception is banner advertisements provided them meet our submission guidelines.

Sites NOT Accepted: